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No sound or action in the start then some character animation towards the end. Please take some time to make this better. I hate giving zero's but this is bad.

Considering the age of this film well done!

I find this movie both awesome and weird at the same time. Your ghost will most certainly will be active after watching this.

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Your game looks nice the music and effects are okay. But your controls are too difficult. Also did you know if you hit the space bar many times in a row it keeps spawning stickman. You might want to add instructions to your game so we know how to play. I was using unity WebGL.

med999 responds:

Hey thanks for playing, I think the spacebar bug was just stupid me leaving a debug code in game, I'll fix it

I wish your game had music in it other then the menu and the block collision seems really sensitive if you even lightly touch the other block while stacking it knocks your stack off. It's not a bad game but it has a few issues that need to be ironed out.

The best part is the music and character animation. Their are some issues characters are in a unseen selection box overlapping the scenes, no menu and no way to play the set up scene. You need to update your game maybe it's your first version. Hope you master it someday.

CrimsonTomb responds:

Yeah, it’s a beta, I was planning on updating soon this year with those features mentioned and more chars. I did this one just to get it out there as fast as possible so I could focus my attention on my Broly Animation coming out. Thanks bro!

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It's almost perfect just don't like the quick repeat drum or pads? Just a personal taste thing. I doubt your still active here but it still deserves a vote.

Nice spacey house music! This would work well in a NG game. Oh and sounds professionally composed too.

Siberg responds:


I like your version of this song. It reminds of video game music from the 90's.

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Nice fruit illustration.

CrimsonTomb responds:

Thank you

I like your castle the only downside is it is only part of the castle and not the whole thing.

I like your ship! Maybe make the background darker more black and the deflector dish should be glowing blue. I feel you deserve 4.5


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