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Considering the age of this film well done!

I find this movie both awesome and weird at the same time. Your ghost will most certainly will be active after watching this.

I can only give this a five stars but you deserve 10! I would say you are already a professional movie maker at this. You will be a great professional movie maker when done school.

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I like your matching game it seems to take some practice and luck to beat the 6,000 score. The game does slow down a bit when having multiple matches at once and lastly think about adding a flashing hint of a match say if none is made in a minute or two.

Artur-Felipe responds:

Thank you <3

I like your games music. Their are a few things you should add like control instructions and have a variety of enemies. Also having a dynamic background instead of a static one would be good even if it is just stars. Overall your game works well for a first version.

saurya03 responds:

Thanks for the suggestions. Will certainly work on it in the upcoming versions.

The music is a little repetitive and the blocks deploying seem to lag when getting to many matches at once. It not a bad clone of a match game but it's not good either.

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A very peaceful piece kind of puts you in a relaxed trance.

Sounds very similar to the original with the exception of the Jamician sounding tin drums almost perfect.

Wow a great piece here! Makes me want to watch Tron again.

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I like your castle the only downside is it is only part of the castle and not the whole thing.

I like your ship! Maybe make the background darker more black and the deflector dish should be glowing blue. I feel you deserve 4.5

I think your work is pretty good. I would have been a 5/5 if it was hand drawn artwork. Your only my second art review of the year.

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