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A New Audio Posting!

2017-08-08 02:54:29 by Hadlos

It may be a short one but I like it so I have shared it with you guys enjoy!

New Audio Posting up!

2017-06-27 01:34:08 by Hadlos

I am pretty happy with how this latest audio project turned out! When I get inspired like this again I will share it with you guys.

New Audio Posting up!

2017-06-14 02:02:45 by Hadlos

I have a second posting up for 2017! I just got inspired one day and made something I like in under a hour, hope you guys like it.

New Audio Posting up!

2017-03-31 02:42:48 by Hadlos

Well it's been about 10 months since I posted new audio. I don't know when or if I am going to add more audio so enjoy!

Will their be new Content?

2017-01-08 20:40:45 by Hadlos

Well it's been 6 months since last I added something new here. I really have not thought about much. If I get inspired I will share it if not oh well.4449795_148392602451_odo.jpg

First Art Posting up!

2016-07-10 00:00:45 by Hadlos

I have decided to share a art creation I made in Windows 7 Paint program. I hope you guys like it.

New Audio Posting up!

2016-06-06 04:02:15 by Hadlos

I have decided to share something I made in FL 12. I don't know when I will post something else but I will still add a little here and their. 4449795_146520009682_ds9siskosa.jpg

First Audio Posting of 2016

2016-01-22 20:11:16 by Hadlos

My latest creation with FL 12 is now up. I now have a dozen audio submissions on NG. Perhaps this one will be well recieved?

New Audio Posting Up!

2015-10-30 19:34:30 by Hadlos

After about 5 months I present for your enjoyment a new audio submission enjoy.

Game Medals Update #2

2015-06-16 01:47:46 by Hadlos

I have officially passed the 10,000 point mark! It took years to get that many when I reach say 20,000? I will post another update.